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Valstar was established in 1911, in the populous and thriving city of Italy, Milan. Having made a name for itself within luxury men’s fashion, in particular with their strong roots in manufacturing outwear. Since their humble beginnings, Valstar became the first Italian company to create raincoats which were water-repellent, and while that invention may be taken for granted nowadays, back then it was considered a revolutionary achievement.

During the early years of the 20th century, the Valstar brand quickly became a household name, after setting the benchmark for stylish and practical outerwear, with the designs catching the attention of upper echelons within Italian society.

Since then, Valstar has more than flourished and diversified into a company with global appeal, with their highly selective approach to manufacturing and fine attention to detail. Today, Valstar jackets and coats are garments with more than a century of tradition channelled using a contemporary approach, whilst still representing the true essence of what ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship means.     

Fox Brothers are proud to work in collaboration with Valstar, to offer some truly exquisite pieces to our product collection.

Fox Brothers, the English woollen mill established in Somerset in 1772 is credited with being the originator of fine woollen and worsted flannels during the last century and is still said to produce the best in the world. According to style connoisseurs, when choosing flannel, “always be sure to ask for it (Fox) by name”.

Fox Brothers first developed ‘flannel’ in 1803 and to quote Esquire magazine, is still the “Standard Bearer” for this wonderfully soft cloth. Loved by tailors who appreciate the way it cuts "like a good butter', this wonderfully soft cloth has evolved over many years and is now available as suit lengths in varying designs and weights, exclusively on The Merchant Fox.