Meet the Maker : Fox Brothers & Co.

Over the last few weeks in our “Meet the Maker” series, we have covered some of the wonderful artisans that we have the pleasure of regularly working with – from the world’s finest socks manufacturer to our in-house bespoke tailor. For this week, we have decided to feature our parent company – Fox Brothers & Co., simply because so many of the items available through The Merchant Fox are made with Fox cloth.
Over more than two centuries, Fox Brothers & Co. have been weaving some of the world’s finest woolen and worsted cloth in the world. Based in the picturesque town of Wellington, Somerset, the Fox Brothers factory is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, all of which inspire the cloth produced season after season.
Among the many different aspects making Fox Brothers a unique company, flannel stands out. The mill is credited with being the originator of fine woollen and worsted flannels in 1803 and is still said to produce the best in the world. Some of history’s most influential and stylish people are known to have worn Fox Flannel - Sir Winston Churchill, Cary Grant and Gregory Peck, just to name a few. According to style connoisseurs, when choosing flannel “always be sure to ask for it (Fox) by name”.
If you are anything like us, Fall and Winter cloths should already be on your radar. We have it on good authority that Fox Brothers will release some very special ones over the next few weeks. Among them, there will be the Fox Jacketing bunch, woven with a blend of Merino wool and cashmere, and featuring classic Fox patterns and tones. Following that, we will offer the much anticipated Vintage Fox bunch. 
Next year, Fox Brothers & Co. will be celebrating its 250th anniversary. Such a milestone will be celebrated throughout the whole year with different collaborations, events and of course with new cloths that are already in the works.
We would also like to take this opportunity to announce that there will be a slight price increase for some of the Fox Brothers & Co. cloth sold through The Merchant Fox. This is due to a cost increase in the raw materials needed to weave our cloth. For us at Fox Brothers and The Merchant Fox, it is imperative to maintain the level of product quality that our cloth is known for, always woven without compromise.