Introducing Sports Jacketing - A 'Stitch' of British Heritage

Following a leisurely ‘working lunch’, one fine summer’s afternoon at Mark’s Club in London, I couldn’t take my eyes off one particular diner, who stood out from everyone else in the whole room. This distinct gentleman appeared to have ‘impeccable taste’ and remarkable attention to detail, with his sophisticated and dapper dress sense… almost ahead of one’s time!

The refined man in question wore an elegantly dressed, tonal dogtooth Sports Jacket, with beautiful Bordeaux windowpane check, in tan with striking green lines. Coupled with charcoal grey trousers, and a pair of brown leather Edward Green loafers with rich Patina. Not one detail had gone unnoticed, as the gentleman even wore a pair of reading glasses, which matched his sport jacketing right down to the very same hue.

Upon instantly thinking that this was the ‘new way’ of dressing, Fox Brothers mustered up some initial designs, and then the first quintessential cloth (SP22) for a brand-new bunch of Sports Jacketing was ‘born.’ Having been fundamentally based on the appearance of that one elegant man, from a splendid afternoon.   

We are extremely proud to showcase this exquisite selection of cloths, featuring the likes of Check, Gun Club, Houndstooth and Herringbone patterning. Presented in an array of different colours, and providing a soft and dry hand feel. This material has ideally been designed to create a standout sports coat, that expresses masculinity within each and every fleck of wool. 

Having been inspired by British aristocracy, the Sports Jacket was initially popularised in the 1800s, for outdoor activities such as shooting and riding. Since then, the modern-day Sports Coat has been reinvented, restyled and even revolutionised, so it can now be perfectly worn in every setting, whether that’s at home, in the city or even around the country.

Fox Sports Jacketing is expertly crafted to ‘keep in’ with new traditions of relaxed elegance, to create both a timeless and ageless classic, with ‘a nod’ to sport coating’s original British heritage.

Weight: 400/430g, 14/15oz
Material: 100% Lambswool 

Fox Sports Jacketing - SP22 - Dried Moss, Ink Black & Shamrock Green Puppytooth (with Deco) - The first cloth created within the bunch
Fox Sports Jacketing