Fox Tweed Caps

Here at The Merchant Fox we aim to please, so when you said you would love to see our fox caps back in stock, we set the wheels in motion and are happy to introduce our range of Fox Tweed Caps.

This style of cap can be traced back to the 14th Century in northern England at this time it was more than likely called a bonnet which by the 1700's was replaced with the term cap. Interestingly, in the 16th century, the British Parliament wanted to stimulate wool consumption, so they mandated that all non-noble men must wear a wool hat on Sundays and holidays, or face a fine. This essentially forced most of the men in the country to buy hats, and even though the law didn’t last for very long, the hat had become irrevocably part of the uniform of the working man. Proving popular again in the 20th century the cap is here to stay, making itself a firm favourite amoungst our loyal customers.

Whilst researching this renowned cap it was of great interest to me to find that it was referred to by many a different name depending on where you may live. So i would love to hear your different names for this humble chap. 

We have included some of our quintessential Fox designs like our classic Prince of Wales, and Glen Checks with vibrant Decos alongside traditional Twill and Herringbone. 

We are offering two versions ,one rounded cap with stiff fixed hand sewn brim and one slightly larger with stud brim.