These luxurious trousers are produced by Holly & Fred, who are considered to be two highly skilled artisans within the tailoring industry.

Expertly cut and tailored by Fred, who is thought of as an up and coming 'new guard' within the tailoring world. He quickly became one of the most talented and skilful outfitters within his breadth of work.

A true bespoke tailor, Fred has a definite style throughout his garments. Often featuring a British cut, which is shaped through the body, consisting of soft construction and a natural shoulder.

Fred has a very open attitude to customers’ requirements, and is an expert in creating pieces of any type or design, to suit both tailored or casual settings. An understanding talent, which comes from being expertly tutored in both cutting and making craftmanship.

Whether you were aware or not, you may have seen Fred's work in prestigious film commissions, as worn by the character 'M' in the 007 franchise. As well as his garments being featured on historical drama TV productions, within the tailoring, safari attire, and skiwear.

Whilst the immaculate finish, fine detail, and single-minded precision, is credited to Holly’s specialist work.

Like any true artisan, Holly displays a genuine passion for her craft. An openness to innovation, blends with a deep respect for its’ long history, and a fierce desire to preserve traditional techniques.

Holly & Fred often work from a bespoke trouser making studio, which continues to expand and grow with new makers, who learn and further enhance their hands-on skills. The Holly & Fred studio continues to sew the finest trousers for their own clients, as well as London’s best bespoke tailoring houses.